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Medal collection!


Event: Hedgehog The Little Big Run

Category: 3km / 7km / 12km / 21km

Challenge type: Single Challenge (must finish in ONE run)

Timeline: Whole month of December 2018

Result submission cut-off: 07 January 2019

Venue: Here and there, anywhere you like (virtual series)

Medal measurement: 78.5mm x 88.5mm x 4mm


About the race

A hedgehog is a small mammal that have been around for about 15 million years and are one of the cutest animals you’ll ever see. How's hedgehog named? The 'Hedge' part of their name comes from where they build their nests hedges. The ‘hog’ part comes from the small grunting sound they make which is similar to a warthog.


Hedgehogs have around 5000 spiked spines on their backs, which are known as quills, and each one typically lasts around one year. Their spines are use for defense, sleep and when they face enemies. By curling into a tight ball and tucking in their heads, tail and legs, they protect vulnerable parts of their body.


Do you know that, hedgehogs are actually quite fast covering about 6 feet per second when hunting for food and can travel up to 3km per hour, that's a long way for little legs. We all know that there is no one giant step that does it, it's a lot of little steps. Together with hedgehogs, let's start our little big run!!


How it work:

1. After payment made, you will receive an official email with E-Bib and receipt. (Please check your spam/junk mail)

2. Save your ebib to be used during your run.(optional)

3. Download running apps, snapshot treadmill screen or GPS running watch to track your run. 

4. After complete, submit your run result to our website under "upload results" section before 07/01/2019. (see sample)

5. You will receive your race pack tracking number through email 2 weeks after event end date 14/01/2019.

6. Your finisher's medal will be shipped directly to you.

7. Any late submission after the said date would not be entertained. Hence, the entitlements are deemed to be forfeited.

8. The race is based on honest system, Running Station will do periodic checks on the submissions. Account may be suspended if fraudulent results are found.






挑战距离:3公里 / 7公里 / 12公里 / 21公里 (一次完成)



纪念奖牌: 78.5毫米 x 88.5毫米 x 4毫米





1. 付款後,您將通過郵件收到電子號碼和收據。 (請檢查您的垃圾郵件箱)。

2. 下載跑步的應用程序或使用GPS跑步手錶來跟踪您的跑步,再截屏提交給主辦單位。

3. 完赛後,將跑步結果提交到我們的網站,点击 “上传成绩”。点击查看

4. 在赛事結束的14日後(14/01/2019),主办单位将会寄出您的纪念獎牌,同时您將通過電子郵件收到您的比賽包追踪編號。

5. 任何在成绩提交截止日期后上传的成绩都不受理,参赛者也将被视为没完赛。