What is virtual run

A virtual run is a self-motivated race that can be ran (or walked) at anytime ... anywhere. You can run, jog or walk on the road, trail, treadmill, at the gym or even participate in another race.

Our virtual runs have a set distance (5k, 10k or half marathon etc.) that you can run in once or split it up into multiple runs as long as you finish within the Event Timeline (typically within a month). And an AWESOME finisher medal will shipped directly to you.

With virtual run, you don’t need to deal with traffic, parking, poor weather or unexpected schedule conflicts or injuries that might cause you to miss the race, you can run at the comfort of your own neighborhood.

How it works


Registration with us - RunningStation.co


Register to one of our run (upcoming run or RS featured run), after payment made, you will receive confirmation email with e-bib attached. Kindly check your junk/spam folder if necessary.


Start Your Run - RunningStation.co


Start your run/walk between the timeline. Can be complete in once or accumulate. Make sure you record your distance on a running app or GPS running watch.


Share your Result - RunningStation.co


Upload your run results together with your selfie to our website. And feel free to share your photo to our Facebook or Instagram to encourage other participants around the world.


Be a Winner - RunningStation.co


Your finisher medal and t-shirt will be shipped to you after event end date.

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One run can change your day. Many runs can change your life.

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One run can change your day. Many runs can change your life.

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